Licensed to Remove High-Risk Materials

Evenhouse Contracting’s team of experienced professionals is certified to investigate, sample and safely handle the containment or removal of asbestos and lead. We ensure you stay safe and ‘in-compliance’ with all relevant regulations.

Asbestos is Linked to Serious Ilnesses

Asbestos is the generic term for a number of fibrous silicate minerals that was widely used in a range of commercial and home building materials up until the early 1980’s.

Asbestos becomes a health risk when fibers are released into the air and inhaled. It is linked to serious illnesses such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that there is “no safe exposure limit” for asbestos. Due to these risks, the handling of asbestos is strongly regulated by federal, state and local government agencies.

Asbestos can be found in the following places:

  • Floor and ceiling tiles
  • Tile to substrate glue
  • Thermal pipe insulation
  • Window caulking and glazing
  • Vermiculite insulation
  • Roofing and siding
  • Plaster
  • Artificial ashes and embers
  • Paint and patching compounds
  • Boiler and duct insulation

Lead is Toxic to Humans and Animals

Lead is an element that is has many industrial applications and was used in residential building materials such as house paint and caulking until 1978 when the federal government banned it in consumer products. Lead was found to be toxic to humans and animals and particularly damaging to the health and well-being of young children. The EPA now administers a matrix of laws to control lead in paint, dust, soil, air and water; as well as the control of lead waste disposal.

Lead dust can be a serious health hazard to building occupants and visitors and is a particular hazard on painted surfaces that rub together or are accessed by children:

  • windows and window sills;
  • doors and door frames; and
  • stairs, railings, banisters, and porches.

Evenhouse Contracting will either review existing test results or utilize the latest methods and technology to identify lead containing materials and assess the extent of the contamination:

  • XRF and Paint Chip Testing
  • Surface Dust Wipes
  • Air-test during construction renovation

Is it legal for a homeowner to do abatement?

We can help you understand the regulations.